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JM SOLUTION Eye Patch | JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis 蜂蜜眼贴 & Marine Luminous Eye Patch 珍珠眼贴 (30对)

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JM SOLUTION Eye Patch | JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis 蜂蜜眼贴 & Marine Luminous Eye Patch 珍珠眼贴 (30对)

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Eye patch becomes thinner after melting
:: Excellent adhesion
:: Soothe and moisturizing
:: Water-soluble and easy to absorb

::  The highly concentrated hydrogel eye patch melts and becomes thinner at the skin temperature of the skin, fully absorbing the nutrition into the skin.

::  Wide curved patch designed to cover a large area around the eyes.

:: Eye patch adheres well to the skin, providing excellent moisture and coolling effect for tired eye care.

:: Can be used on the skin around the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds, and neck.

- Two options -

01 JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Eye Patch (30Pairs / 60ea)
:: Main effects: moisturizing, brightening, reducing dark circles, reducing puffiness, suitable for those with panda eyes (dark circles) and dry skin.

:: Contains three types of hyaluronic acid, pearl extract, and various marine extracts to provide refreshing and hydrating care for tired and dry eyes.

::  Pearl Extract, perfect for those who want to hydrate and brighten the delicate skin around their eyes.

:: Provides high moisture retention and cooling sensation.

02 JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Eye Patch (30Pairs / 60ea)
:: Main benefits: moisturizing, nourishing, reducing fine lines, firming and anti-wrinkle effect, targeted towards those with more fine lines around the eyes and for those with sagging skin around the eyes.

:: Moisturizes and nourishes deeply with two types of propolis extracts, royal jelly, and honey extract for moisturized and firm eye areas.

:: The essence enriched with abundant honey nutrients deliver firming & supple care to the easily tired eye areas.

:: Moisturizing care for firm and plump eye areas.

:: 眼贴融化后变薄
:: 很好的附着力
:: 舒缓和保湿
:: 水溶性易吸收

:: 高浓度水凝胶眼膜会在皮肤温度下融化变薄,将营养成分充分吸收到皮肤中。

:: 宽大弧形设计,覆盖眼周大面积。

:: 眼膜贴附力强,为疲劳眼部提供很好的保湿和舒爽的功效。

:: 可用于眼部周围、额头、法令纹和颈部。

- 两种选择 -

01 JM Solution 海洋珍珠深层保湿眼膜 (30对 / 60片)
:: 主要功效:保湿,亮肤,减少黑眼圈,消除浮肿,适用于黑眼圈和干燥肌肤。

:: 含有三种玻尿酸、珍珠提取物和各种海洋提取物,为疲惫和干燥的眼部提供清爽滋润的护理。

:: 珍珠提取物,为想要滋润和提亮眼周脆弱肌肤的人群提供完美的选择。

:: 提供高保湿和舒爽感。

02 JM Solution 蜂蜜皇家蜂胶眼膜 (30对 / 60片)
:: 主要功效:保湿,滋润,淡化细纹,紧致抗皱,针对眼部细纹比较多和眼部松弛的人群。

:: 两种蜂胶提取物、蜂王浆和蜂蜜萃取物深度滋润和滋养眼部区域。

:: 富含丰富蜂蜜营养成分的精华为容易疲劳的眼部区域提供紧致柔润的护理。

:: 使眼部肌肤更加保湿和紧实饱满。

How To Use:
:: Attach the patch on desired areas that needs improvement. Remove eye patch after 10-20min.

:: 将眼贴附在需要改善的区域上。10-20分钟后取下眼贴。

Product Specifications:
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 60 patches (Marine Luminous Pearl | Honey Luminous Royal Propolis)

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