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AHC Herb Solution Toner (500ml) 4款选择 | AHC 大容量 植物草本爽肤水

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AHC Herb Solution Toner (500ml) 4款选择 | AHC 大容量 植物草本爽肤水

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: A great value toner
:: 500ml large capacity herbal toner
:: #sebum care #skin soothing #moisturizing #nourishing
::  All in this herbal toner series

:: AHC's large capacity toner is praised for its great value. In addition to using it like a regular toner, you can also pour it into a spray bottle and use it as a facial mist for added hydration whenever your face feels dry! Since it comes in a large bottle, it's also great for using as a wet compress, making it even more cost-effective (^^)

:: The texture is watery and easily absorbed, leaving a refreshing and non-greasy feeling on the skin. Furthermore, each bottle contains a total of approximately 24,800mg of pure plant extracts.

- There are a total of 4 types, each with different effects and functions -

1. Aloe Vera
:: Suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin
+ Refreshing and anti-inflammatory, soothes and calms the skin, controls oil and moisturizes
+ Excellent penetration ability, strengthens skin vitality, while providing soothing and calming care to the skin

2. Lemon
:: Suitable for combination or dull skin
+ Contains a large amount of vitamin C
+ Reduces pigment generation, whitens the skin, improves dullness and brightens the skin
+ Natural AHA extracted from lemon, gentle and non-irritating, softens and removes accumulated keratin on the skin

3. Rose
:: Suitable for combination and dry skin
+ Contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C
+  Beautifies and nourishes, moisturizes, and has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects
+ Provides enough moisture and hydration for dry skin, helping to balance the skin

4. Witch Hazel
:: Suitable for pores and oily skin
+ Constricts pores, repairs wounds, and soothes and regulates sebum
+ Addresses problematic skin such as pores
+ Effective ingredients such as witch hazel and carbonated water can remove excess sebum secretion on the skin and inhibit skin oil secretion.

:: 物超所值的爽肤水
:: 500ml 大容量  植物草本爽肤水
:: #皮脂护理#皮肤舒缓#保湿#营养
:: 都在这草本爽肤水系列

:: AHC大容量化妆水被誉为物超所值的化妆水,除了像爽肤水那样使用以外,平时还可以装进喷雾瓶,当脸觉得干燥时,随时给肌肤做保湿哟!因为很大瓶,用来做湿敷也觉得划算 (^^)

:: 质地是水状非常好吸收 清爽又不油腻。而且每瓶机能化妆水的纯植物含量总计24800mg左右。

- 总共有4款,每款都有不同功效及作用 -
1. Aloe Vera 芦荟
:: 敏感或痘痘肌专用
+ 清爽消炎、舒缓降敏、控油、保湿
+ 优秀的渗透力,强化肌肤活力,同时对肌肤进行舒缓镇定护理

2. Lemon 柠檬
:: 混合或暗沉肌肤
+ 蕴含大量的维他命C
+ 有减少色素生成、使皮肤白皙、改善暗沉亮肤
+ 柠檬中自然提取的AHA成分,温和无刺激,软化去除肌肤上长时间堆积的角质

3. Rose 玫瑰
:: 混合及干燥肌肤
+ 蕴含大量的维他命A和维他命C
+ 美容养颜、润泽、抗皱抗老作用
+ 为干燥的肌肤提供足够水分、保湿,有助于肌肤均衡

4. Witch Hazel 金缕梅
:: 毛孔及油性肌肤
+ 收敛毛孔,修复伤口,镇静调节皮脂
+ 处理毛孔等问题肌肤
+ 金缕梅、碳酸水成分有效去除肌肤上分泌过剩的肌肤,抑制肌肤油脂分泌。

How To Use:
:: Take an appropriate amount of product on a cotton pad or in your hand, gently pat along the skin texture until fully absorbed.

** You can also use it like this 😍

:: TIP01. Moisturizing Mask
+ Before going to bed at night, use a cotton pad to soak an appropriate amount of product and apply it to the skin for 15-20 minutes before peeling off.

:: TIP02. Daily Moisturizing Spray
+ Pour the product into a portable spray container and spray it on the skin whenever it feels dry.

:: TIP03. Create Moisturized and Radiant Skin
+ When applying foundation (BB cream/foundation), spray an appropriate amount of product onto the makeup sponge or foundation brush to create a luminous look.

:: 取适量产品于化妆棉上或者手上,顺着肌肤纹理,轻轻拍打直至吸收。

** 还能这样使用哟 😍

:: TIP01. 水分面膜
+ 夜晚睡觉前,用化妆棉取适量产品充分浸湿,贴在肌肤上15~20分钟后再撕下。

:: TIP02. 每日保湿喷雾
+ 将产品倒入手携式喷雾容器,每次感觉干燥时,可以随时喷洒在肌肤上。

:: TIP03. 产生滋润光泽的肌肤
+ 制作底妆(BB霜/粉底液)时,在化妆海绵或粉底刷上喷洒适量的分量,使妆容变亮

Product Specifications:
- Brand : AHC
- Made in Korea
- 1ea x 500ml ( Aloe Vera | Lemon | Rose | Witch Hazel )  

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