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BEPLAIN Cicaful Ampoule (30ml / 50ml) | 韩国 BePlain 积雪草安瓶

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Expiry Date: 2023/11 (50ml)

BEPLAIN Cicaful Ampoule (30ml / 50ml) | 韩国 BePlain 积雪草安瓶

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: The best ampoule for sensitive and acne skin
:: Get super-high satisfaction on HWAHAE APP
:: It is the TOP OF TOP choice in the soothing ampoule category
:: No alcohol, fragrance ingredients
:: Skin irritation test completed

:: Contains 84.28% Centella Asiatica extract.
+ Helps calm the skin and reduce skin irritation.
+ Can strengthen the skin barrier to prevent acne formation.

:: Sodium Hyaluronate and Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract provide moisture to the skin while reducing redness and improving uneven skin tone.

:: The key is that it does not contain 20 harmful ingredients and alcohol, fragrance ingredients. So sensitive and acne skin can use it with confidence.

:: Men can also use it after shaving because it helps to relieve the irritation of the razor on the skin.

:: Easy to absorb after application, without the sticky and greasy feeling.

:: 敏感痘痘肌肤的首选安瓶
:: 在"化解"软件上获得超高的满意度
:: 它是舒缓安瓶精华类别中的 TOP OF TOP 选择
:: 无酒精香精成分
:: 已完成皮肤刺激测试

:: 功效 - 舒缓、保湿、强化肌肤屏障、改善敏感肌肤、减少红肿、抗痘

:: 含有84.28%的积雪草提取物。
+ 有助于镇静肌肤并减少皮肤刺激。
+ 以及能够加强皮肤屏障防止粉刺痘痘形成。

:: 透明质酸和洋甘菊花提取物,能为肌肤提供水分的同时减少红血丝和改善肤色不均匀。

:: 最重要的是它不含20种有害成分和酒精香精成分, 因此敏感痘痘肌肤可放心使用

:: 男性也可以在刮胡子后使用,因为它有助于缓解刮胡刀对皮肤的刺激。

:: 涂抹后易吸收,没有油腻感。

How To Use:
:: After cleansing and toner, take an appropriate amount of ampoule and drop it on the face or neck, pat it until absorbed. Then, continue to the next step of skin care.

:: Tips for using different types of skin:
+ If you need to manage a large area of redness, you can take the CICAFUL ampoule on a cotton pad and apply it to your face for 5 minutes.
+ You can use a cotton swab to moisten the CICAFUL ampoule and apply it to the target area that it needs.
+ You can store the CICAFUL ampoule in the refrigerator. Use it when the skin temperature is heat and its calming effect will be better.
+ Men can also use it after shaving because it helps to relieve the irritation of the razor on the skin.

:: 洁面和爽肤水后,取适量安瓿滴于面部或颈部,轻拍至吸收。 然后,继续进行下一步的护肤。

:: 不同皮肤种类的使用技巧:
+ 需要管理大面积泛红的皮肤,可以把CICAFUL安瓶倒在化妆棉上,再贴到脸上5分钟。
+ 可以使用棉花棒沾上CICAFUL安瓶再抹到需要局部管理的部位上。
+ 可以把CICAFUL安瓶放在冰箱里保存,当皮肤温度高时使用它,它的镇定效果会更好。
+ 男性也可以在刮胡子后使用,因为它有助于缓解刮胡刀对皮肤的刺激。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : BEPLAIN
- Made In Korea
- 30ml / 50ml

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