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DAPHARM noscarna Gel 20g | 韩国 神奇 祛疤膏 | 超强修护 | 淡疤印 | 消痕迹

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DAPHARM noscarna Gel 20g | 韩国 神奇 祛疤膏 | 超强修护 | 淡疤印 | 消痕迹

 AMZBEAUTY96‘s Share with You:
:: Best scar removal and repair cream in Korea
:: Effectively helps restore wounded tissue
:: Remarkable scar removal ability
:: Produced by Korea's leading pharmaceutical company
:: Safe for use by individuals aged 2 and above
:: Applying daily will produce significant results
:: Essential for those with acne scars, injuries, burns, cuts, surgical scars, and C-section scars

:: Noscarna is a scar removal product recommended by Korean pharmacies.

:: Clinical trials have shown that:
+ The skin color recovery effect can reach up to 78%.
+ It is also claimed that it can remove 80% of scars that are up to 19 years.
+ Scar thickness can be reduced by 33.2%.

:: Contains ten times more ingredients that promote cell regeneration
+ Effectively dissolves scar tissue.
+ Promotes the generation of new skin tissue.
+ Has excellent effects in removing skin scars and acne marks‼

:: The main ingredients are heparin sodium and urea
+ The content of these two ingredients is 10times higher than other products on the market, making it highly effective in scar removal.

:: Long-term use and applying daily will produce significant results
+ Scars from surgeries, C-sections, burns, or skin injuries can be lightened or even removed with regular use.

DAPHARM noscarna Gel 20g | 韩国 神奇 祛疤膏 | 超强修护 | 淡疤印 | 消痕迹

- 韩国本土最好的袪疤膏、修复膏
- 有效令伤口组织恢复
- 袪疤能力十分显著
- 由韩国龙头制药企业所生产
- 2岁以上-成人 皆可安心使用
- 每天擦一定有效果
- 痘疤痕、创伤、烧伤、 刀伤、手术伤痕、开刀妈妈必备

:: Noscarna 是韩国民间推荐 药房 祛疤产品

:: 经临床试验结果表明
+ 肤色恢复效果可达到78%。
+ 也号称已经有19年的疤都可以去掉80%。
+ 疤痕厚度可以减少33.2%。

:: 含有大量促进细胞再生成分的10倍
+ 可以有效瓦解疤痕组织。
+ 促进生成新的皮层组织 。
+ 对于祛除皮肤疤痕、痘印都有着良好的效果‼

:: 主要成份肝素钠,尿囊素
+ 这两个成分的含量,也比其他市面上的产品多出了10倍,所以袪疤能力十分显著!

:: 长期使用,每天擦一定有效果!

 How To Use:
1. Pour 1 cup of powder and 1 cup of water into a rubber bowl and mix them well using a spatula. 
2. Use a spatula to apply the mixture evenly onto your skin, starting with the wider areas.  
3. After 15-20 minutes of rest, gently peel off the modeling mask from bottom to top. Remove any residue with warm water or a facial sponge.
4. Apply moisturizer to prevent moisture loss.

1. 搽在疤痕和周围的皮肤,轻轻按摩至完全吸收 / 每日1⃣次。
2. 对于成年人肥厚伤痕,稍微擦厚一点按摩至吸收即可。

1. 痘印肌肤的朋友,建议可以在睡前或者晚上洁面后使用。
 2. 药剂师大叔说,记得要「坚持1个月」,才会见到显著的效果。

⚠ 注意事项 ⚠
1. 有药物敏感的朋友,使用前请咨询医生的建议
2. 不要和其他药物同时使用
3. 未满6个月的婴儿请勿使用
4. 孕妇请勿使用
5. 不要用在未完全恢复或者正在治疗的伤口
6. 不要用在粘膜和化脓感染部位
7. 肝素过敏反应(引起肝素诱导血小板减少症Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, HIT 等情况下请停止使用)


 Product Specifications:
- Brand : DAPHARM
- Made In Korea
- 20g

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