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Japan DHC Calcium Magnesium Supplement (60 days) | 日本 DHC 钙镁胶囊 (180粒/60日量) | 强健骨骼 维持机体健康

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Expiry Date: 2026/04

Japan DHC Calcium Magnesium Supplement (60 days) | 日本 DHC 钙镁胶囊 (180粒/60日量) | 强健骨骼 维持机体健康

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: DHC health food
:: All natural ingredients
:: Strong Bones
:: Strong Teeth
:: Prevent osteoporosis
:: Maintenance of body health

:: Calcium and magnesium are nutrients needed to form bones and teeth but are also among the minerals that most people cannot get from their daily diet.

:: DHC blends calcium and magnesium in a perfect 2:1 ratio, with added vitamin D3 and CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide) for enhanced calcium and magnesium absorption.

:: The role of calcium in the human body
+ Keep teeth strong and strengthen bone effectively to reduce osteoporosis caused by aging.
+ It boosts the immune system and also improves the body's absorption of iron.
+ It reduces the frequency of muscle cramps and makes the muscles more relaxed.
+ Helps regulate heart rate.
+ Helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and relieves nervous tension, stress, and insomnia.
+ Reduce aluminum accumulation in the body and effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease.
+ Helps lower cholesterol levels and effectively prevents high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.
+ Can reduce the proliferation of intestinal mucosal cells, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer.
+ Promote wound healing.

:: The role of magnesium in the human body
+ It promotes the body's absorption of calcium for healthier bones.
+ Maintaining the normal function of the heart, muscles, and nerves can effectively prevent vascular embolism.
+ Helps prevent diabetes from occurring.
+ Helps suppress negative emotions and reduce anxiety, allowing the brain to relax and fall asleep easier.
+ It is conducive to protein, fat metabolism, and the composition of genetic material DNA and can activate enzymes.

:: Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium in the gut and builds strong bones.

:: CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide) helps improve calcium absorption rate for healthier bones and teeth.

:: Who is it for ?
+ People who want calcium supplements.
+ People with frequent foot cramps and tingling.
+ People with shoulder and lower back pain due to osteoporosis.
+ People who regularly consume processed foods and drinks.
+ People who are easily irritable and anxious.
+ Women going through menopause.

:: DHC健康保健食品
:: 纯天然成分
:: 强健骨骼
:: 坚固牙齿
:: 预防骨质疏松
:: 维持机体健康

:: 钙和镁是形成骨骼和牙齿所需的营养素,也是大多数人无法从日常饮食中获取的矿物质之一。

:: DHC以2:1的完美比例将钙和镁混合,并且添加了维生素D3和CPP (酪蛋白磷酸肽) 以便提高钙和镁的吸收率。

:: 钙质对人体的作用
+ 保持牙齿坚固,并可增强骨质有效减低因年龄增长而造成骨质疏松的情况。
+ 可增强免疫系统,同时还能促进人体对铁的吸收。
+ 可减少肌肉抽筋的频率,使肌肉更放松。
+ 有助于调节心跳率。
+ 帮助神经系统的正常运作并缓解神经紧张、压力以及失眠症。
+ 减少铝质在体内的聚集,并且有效预防老年痴呆症。
+ 有助于降低胆固醇水平,并且有效预防高血压以及其它心血管疾病。
+ 可减少肠粘膜细胞的增生,从而降低结肠癌的危险。
+ 促进伤口愈合。

:: 镁质对人体的作用
+ 促进人体对钙的吸收使骨骼更健康。
+ 维持心脏、肌肉以及神经的正常功能,能有效预防血管栓塞。
+ 有助于预防糖尿病的发生。
+ 它有利于蛋白质、脂肪代谢、以及遗传物质dna的组成,并能激活酵素。

:: 维生素D能够帮助身体吸收肠道中的钙,并强健骨骼。

:: CPP (酪蛋白磷酸肽)  有助于提高钙的吸收率,使骨骼和牙齿更健康。

:: 适用于以下人群:
+ 想要补充钙质的人。
+ 经常脚部抽筋和刺痛的人。
+ 由于骨质疏松导致肩部和腰部疼痛的人。
+ 经常食用加工食品和饮料的人。
+ 容易发火和焦虑的人。
+ 正在度过更年期的女性。

How To Use:
:: Three tablets per day. You can take it after breakfast, lunch, or dinner according to your preference.

Precautions for taking:
:: Please follow the recommended daily amount.

::This product uses natural materials as raw materials, the color may be slightly different, but it does not affect the content and quality of the product. Please take it with confidence.

:: 每日3粒,你可以根据自己的喜好在早餐、午餐或晚餐后服用。

:: 请遵循每日建议量服用。

:: 该产品采用天然素材为原料,所以在色调上可能会略有不同,但不影响产品含量和质量,可安心服用。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DHC
- Made In Japan
- 1 Pack x 180 Tablets (60 Days)

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