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DHC Hyaluronic Acid Supplement (30 days) | 日本 DHC 玻尿酸补水丸 (60粒/30日量) | 美肌胶囊营养素

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Expiry Date: 2024/06

DHC Hyaluronic Acid Supplement (30 days) | 日本 DHC 玻尿酸补水丸 (60粒/30日量) | 美肌胶囊营养素

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: DHC health food
:: All natural ingredients
:: Moisturizing and locking water
:: Soothes dryness
:: Prevent skin aging

:: Hyaluronic acid in the body will gradually lose with age, leading to skin aging, dull yellow, itching, dryness, and other problems. Therefore, oral hyaluronic acid can increase the content of hyaluronic acid in the human body through digestion and absorption.

:: Hyaluronic acid can provide moisture to dry skin and improve skin wrinkles, roughness, and other problems.

:: Litchi seed extract helps promote collagen growth and restore skin elasticity.

:: Squalane can form a protective film for the skin to help resist external irritants and prevent moisture from evaporating.

:: Vitamin B2 can promote metabolism and make the skin firm.

:: The tablet is smaller and more convenient to take.

:: DHC健康保健食品
:: 纯天然成分
:: 保湿锁水
:: 舒缓干燥
:: 防止肌肤老化

:: 体内的透明质酸会随着年龄的增长而逐渐流失,导致肌肤衰老、暗黄、发痒、干燥等问题。因此,口服的透明质酸可通过消化以及吸收,增加人体内的透明质酸含量。

:: 透明质酸可为干燥的肌肤提供水分,并改善肌肤皱纹、粗糙等问题。

:: 荔枝籽提取物有助于促进胶原蛋白的生长并且恢复肌肤弹性。

:: 角鲨烷可以为皮肤形成一层保护膜,帮助肌肤抵抗外部刺激并防止水分蒸发。

:: 维生素B2能够促进新陈代谢,使肌肤紧致。

:: 片剂体积小,服用更方便。

How To Use:
:: Two tablets per day. You can take it at bedtime.

Precautions for taking:
:: Please follow the recommended daily amount.

::This product uses natural materials as raw materials, the color may be slightly different, but it does not affect the content and quality of the product. Please take it with confidence.

:: 每日2粒,你可以在睡前服用。

:: 请遵循每日建议量服用。

:: 该产品采用天然素材为原料,所以在色调上可能会略有不同,但不影响产品含量和质量,可安心服用。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DHC
- Made In Japan
- 1 Pack x 60 Tablets (30 Days)

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