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DR.G pH Cleansing Oil (200ml) | 韩国 Dr.G 弱酸性清爽卸妆油

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DR.G pH Cleansing Oil (200ml) | 韩国 Dr.G 弱酸性清爽卸妆油

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Hypoallergenic Cleansing Oil
:: 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover
:: Refreshing cleansing
:: Strengthen skin barrier
:: Moisturizing
:: Sensitive skin test completed

:: It uses water-oil separation technology to refresh and cleanse
+ And it's not as heavy and stuffy as other oil-based cleansers.

:: Contains Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oils close to the pH value of the skin
+ Can make the skin's barrier function to achieve the best state.
+ It also helps to remove daily makeup, sunscreen, dust, and impurities from pores.

:: Main ingredients 5-Biome
+ It is a complex of various prebiotics and postbiotics.
+ Can protect the skin barrier in multiple layers and effectively maintain the skin's water-oil balance.
+ It also deep cleans and removes residues.

:: Contains the most critical component of the stratum corneum - Filaggrin Complex
+ It helps to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce external skin irritation.
+ As well as providing the skin with a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and prevent moisture loss from the skin's surface.

:: The lightweight texture does not require emulsification and works even on damp skin.

:: 低过敏性卸妆油
:: 洗卸合一
:: 清爽洁面
:: 增强肌肤屏障
:: 保湿补水
:: 已完成敏感肌肤测试

:: 它采用水油分离技术,可清爽洁面
+ 而且它不像其他的油性洁面产品那样厚重和闷热感。

:: 含有接近皮肤 pH 值的玫瑰果油和荷荷巴油
+ 可以使皮肤的屏障功能达到最佳状态。
+ 它还有助于去除日常彩妆、防晒霜、灰尘和毛孔里的杂质。

:: 主要成分 5-Biome (5种生物群系)
+ 它是由多种益生元和后生元所组成的复合物。
+ 可多层保护肌肤屏障,并有效维持肌肤水油平衡。
+ 同时能够深层清洁,卸去残留物。

:: 含有角质层最关键的成分 — 丝聚蛋白复合物
+ 它有助于强化肌肤屏障,减少外界对肌肤的刺激。
+ 以及为肌肤提供天然的保湿因子(NMF),并防止肌肤表层的水分流失。

:: 轻盈的质地无需乳化,即使在湿润的肌肤上也能使用。

How To Use:
:: Apply an appropriate amount to the face and massage gently until makeup or impurities dissolve, then rinse off with warm water.

:: 取适量涂抹于脸部并且轻轻按摩直到彩妆或杂质溶解后,才使用温水冲洗干净。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DR.G
- Made In Korea
- 200ml

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