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greenharmony JOAJOTA Purity Pear Foam Cleanser | Joajota Hydra Amino Acid Foam Cleanser | Joajota 小白管 | 小蓝管 洗面奶

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greenharmony Joajota Purity Pear Foam Cleanser | Joajota The Clean Hydra Amino Acid Foam Cleanser | Joajota 小白管 | 小蓝管 氨基酸 洗面奶

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Oxygenated facial cleanser
:: Deep cleansing
:: Suitable for all skin types

:: Joajota Cleansing Foam is an oxygenated facial cleanser which can provide deep cleansing for our skin, balance the oil within our skin, and moisture our skin as well.

:: It does not give your skin any tight feeling. Your skin will feel refresh and look bright after using the cleanser.

:: It can help to improve multiple skin problems. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skins as it is a gentle cleanser.

- 2 Options -

:: 1) Joajota Purity Pear Foam Cleanser
+ Pear extract - Helps to retain moisture in our skin so can help to prevent dryness in the skin. It will help to prevent the formation of the wrinkles and fine lines on our skin.
+ Purslane extract - Helps to balance the oil in the skin, balance water and oil so that the skin will feel refreshing.
+ Centella Asiatic extract - Can boost antioxidant within our skin, strengthening the skin. For acne sufferers, it helps to speed up healing, to prevent scarring and future blemishes.

:: 2) Joajota The Clean Hydra Amino Acid Foam Cleanser
+ Hydrolyzed Collagen -  Help the skin double elasticity.
+ Amino Acids - Help to strengthen the skin barrier, maintain the skin's hydration, resilience and an overall healthy appearance.
+ Ivigod fruit extract - Improve dullness

:: 含氧洗面奶
:: 深层清洁
:: 适合所有肤质

:: Joajota Cleansing Foam 是一种含氧洗面奶,可以为我们的皮肤提供深层清洁,平衡皮肤内的油脂,同时滋润我们的皮肤。

:: 它不会让您的皮肤有任何紧绷感。使用后,使您的皮肤会感觉清爽,看起来明亮。

:: 有助于改善多种皮肤问题。此外,因为它是一种温和的清洁剂,所以它适用于所有皮肤类型,即使是敏感皮肤。

:: 1) Joajota Purity Pear Foam Cleanser 小白管
+ 梨提取物 - 有助于保持皮肤水分,防止皮肤干燥。它将有助于防止在我们的皮肤上形成皱纹和细纹。
+ 马齿苋提取物 - 帮助平衡肌肤油脂,平衡水油,让肌肤倍感清爽。
+ 积雪草提取物 - 可以增强皮肤内的抗氧化作用,强化皮肤。对于痤疮患者,它有助于加速愈合,防止疤痕和未来的瑕疵。

:: 2) Joajota The Clean Hydra Amino Acid Foam Cleanser 小蓝管 氨基酸
+ 水解胶原蛋白 - 帮助肌肤倍增弹性。
+ 氨基酸 - 有助于加强皮肤屏障,保持皮肤的水分、弹性和整体肌肤的健康。
+ 红瓜果提取物 - 改善暗沉

How To Use:
- Take appropriate amount on wet hand.
- Add little water to create rich lather.
- Massage gently with circular motion on face.
- Rinse with water.

- 取适量洁面乳。
- 加少量水以产生丰富的泡沫。
- 以圈圈的方式轻轻按摩脸部。
- 用水冲洗。

Product Specifications:
- Brand :  Greenharmony
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 120ml | 1 box 2ea | 1 box 3ea

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