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Japan DHC Eyelash Tonic (6.5ML) | 日本 DHC 睫毛护理液

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Japan DHC Eyelash Tonic (6.5ML) | 日本 DHC 睫毛护理液

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Strong eyelashes
:: Prevent eyelashes from breaking
:: Natural Ingredients
:: Suitable for fragile eyelashes
:: Can be used morning and night

:: DHC eyelash tonic is a product that strengthens eyelashes and prevents eyelash breakage.

:: It nourishes and thickens lashes by repairing the damage.

:: Formulated with natural ingredients such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Willow Bark, Swertia Japonica, Olive Leaf, and Ginseng Root Extract.

:: It is fragrance-free, color-free, and paraben-free.

:: It can be used as a mascara primer during the day or as a night conditioner by itself.

:: 强韧睫毛
:: 防止睫毛断裂
:: 天然成分
:: 适合脆弱的睫毛
:: 可早晚使用

:: DHC睫毛护理液是一款可强韧睫毛并防止睫毛断裂的产品。

:: 它通过修复受损来滋养睫毛,使睫毛变得更浓密。

:: 采用天然成分配制,如库拉索芦荟叶汁、柳树皮、獐牙菜、橄榄叶、和人参根提取物。

:: 它不含香精、色素和对羟基苯甲酸酯。

:: 它可以在白天作为睫毛膏底霜,也可以单独用作夜间护理。

How To Use:
:: Just like applying mascara, brush lashes from the inside out
+ Use in the morning as a mascara primer to make the mascara easier to apply.
+ Use at night as a lash conditioner to care for damaged lashes.

:: 就像使用睫毛膏一样,由内而外轻刷睫毛
+ 早上可作为睫毛膏底霜,使睫毛膏更容易涂抹。
+ 晚上可作为睫毛调理剂,呵护受损的睫毛。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DHC
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 6.5ml

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