• Kobayashi SARASATY Lingerie Soap Detergent (120ml)

Japan KOBAYASHI SARASATY Lingerie Soap Detergent (120ml) | 日本 Lingerie 女性内衣裤 专用清洗剂 经期生理期 去血渍 除菌

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Kobayashi SARASATY Lingerie Soap Detergent (120ml)

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Soak and deeply remove stubborn stains
:: Removes stain that has passed over time
:: Remove menstrual bloodstains or leucorrhea thoroughly from your underwear
:: With strong penetrating power surfactant SAS
:: Won't damage undergarments
:: Easy to use and apply

:: Sarasaty Lingerie Detergent is very effective at cleaning out dirt and blood from fabrics.

:: With strong penetrating power surfactant SAS, It can cleanly removes menstrual bloodstain and other discharge.

:: Soak your underwear for only 20 minutes for stain remove.

:: No need to to wash by rubbing and thus do no damage to your delicate underwear.

:: Apart from menstrual blood, leucorrhea, it is also suitable for other blood stain on other materials.

:: 浸泡并深层去除顽固污渍
:: 可去除已久的污渍
:: 可彻底清除内裤上的经血迹或白带
:: 割伤等血液污渍(内裤以外均可使用)
:: 含有渗透力特强的界面活性剂SAS
:: 不会损坏内衣
:: 容易使用

:: Sarasaty Lingerie Detergent 非常有效地清除织物上的污垢和血迹。

:: 具有强渗透力的表面活性剂SAS,可清洁去除经血渍等分泌物。

:: 将内衣浸泡 20 分钟即可去除污渍。

:: 无需搓洗,不会损坏您娇嫩的内衣。

:: 除了经血、白带,也适用于其他材料上的其他血迹。

How To Use:
:: Hand wash
+ Usage: Use 10ml of detergent (pour 1 unit of the bottle indication) for every 500 ml of water.
+ How to use: :: Soak the underwear in for about 20 minutes and then rinse afterwards.
+ If dirt and stubborn stains, please apply the detergent directly on the stain part, and extend the soaking time for better effect.

:: Machine wash
+ Usage: According to the amount of dirt and use an appropriate amount on.
+ Apply proper amount of detergent  based on the stained part and gentle wash,  and then wash it in the washing machine.

:: How to use the side scale
+ Hold the bottle upside down and gently squeeze the bottle and if the liquid level is reduced by 1 unit scale, it is 10 mL.

:: 浸泡清洗
+ 使用量标准: 清水或温水500mL,即用10mL分量的清洁剂 (将瓶掉转倒出1格分量)。
+ 方法: 将清洁剂沾在内裤上约浸洗20分钟后清洗便可。
+ 如果太脏污﹐请将清洁剂直接沾在污渍部分,浸较长时间效果更佳。

:: 洗衣机清洗
+ 使用量标准: 按污渍多少,使用适量清洁剂。
+ 方法: 先将清洁剂直接擦在污渍部分,轻轻擦洗,然后放入洗衣机中清洗。

:: 侧面标志的使用
+ 将瓶子掉转用手紧挤﹐液面减低一格即为10mL分量。

Product Specifications:
- Brand :  Kobayashi | Sarasaty
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 120ml

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