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Japan PILLBOX Kanpai Ukon Gold (410mg x 5 capsules) | 日本 Pillbox 干杯解酒姜黄素胶囊 加强版

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Expiry Date: 2025/02

Japan PILLBOX Kanpai Ukon Gold (410mg x 5 capsules) | 日本 Pillbox 干杯解酒姜黄素胶囊 加强版

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Hangover and liver protection
:: Alcohol Detox
:: Relieve discomfort after drinking alcohol
:: Reduce the harm of alcohol to the body

:: This product can be used for daily liver protection, regulating internal organs, removing toxins from the body, and maintaining a healthy state of the body.

:: For people who drink alcohol regularly, this hangover and liver protection pill is a must-have medicine for you.

:: Compared to the regular version, this version has up to 200mg of curcumin to enhance hangover effects. And also added L-cystine and vitamin C.

:: The main ingredient is curcumin
+ It can promote the breakdown of alcohol, thereby reducing the damage of alcohol to the liver.
+ At the same time, it has a good hangover effect and relieves discomfort after drinking alcohol.

:: Black Pepper Extract helps improve the absorption rate of curcumin and promotes intestinal absorption.

:: L-cystine and vitamin C have enhanced liver detoxification and prevented liver failure.

:: Who is it for ?
+ People who often drink and party.
+ People who work in nightclubs.
+ People with poor alcohol intake.
+ People who are uncomfortable the next day after being drunk.
+ People who want to protect the liver.

:: 解酒护肝
:: 酒精排毒
:: 缓解酒后不适
:: 减少酒精对身体的伤害

:: 该产品可作为日常护肝、调节脏腑、清除体内毒素,使身体维持健康的状态。

:: 对于经常喝酒的人来说,这款解酒护肝丸是你的必备良药。

:: 与普通版相比,此版含有高达 200mg 的姜黄素以增强宿醉效果。此外,还添加了 L-胱氨酸和维生素C。

:: 主要成分是姜黄素
+ 它可促进酒精分解,从而减轻酒精对肝脏的伤害。
+ 同时,具有很好的解酒作用,并缓解酒后不适。

:: 黑胡椒提取物有助于提升姜黄素的吸收率,并促进肠道吸收。

:: L-胱氨酸和维生素C,具有增强肝脏的解毒作用,并防止肝功能衰竭。

:: 适用于以下人群?
+ 经常喝酒聚会的人。
+ 在夜店上班的人。
+ 酒量不好的人。
+ 喝醉后第二天不舒服的人。
+ 想要护肝的人。

How To Use:
:: Take 1 capsule each time
+ Please take with warm water within 30 minutes before drinking.
+ If you drink too much, take 1 capsule after drinking to help relieve the headache you wake up the next day.

:: 每次服用1粒
+ 请在喝酒前的30分钟内搭配温水服用。
+ 如果饮酒过量,请在酒后服用1粒,有助于缓解第二天醒来时的头痛感。

*** Caution
1) People who are allergic to the raw materials of this product, please do not take it.
2) Please use this product only when necessary and adhere to the prescribed dosage.
3) Pregnant, breastfeeding women, or those taking medication, please consult a doctor before taking this product.

*** 注意
1) 对本产品原料过敏者,请勿服用。
2) 请在必要时才使用本产品并遵守规定的用量。
3) 孕妇、哺乳妇女或者正在服用药物的人,请在服用本产品前咨询医生。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : PILLBOX
- Made In Japan
- 410mg x 5 capsules

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