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  • Rohto MELANO CC Pure Vitamin C Essence (20ml)Rohto MELANO CC Pure Vitamin C Essence (20ml)


「New Version」Japan ROHTO MELANO CC Pure Vitamin C Brightening Essence (20ml) | 日本 维生素C | E配方 去痘印 淡斑 美白精华

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Japan Rohto MELANO CC Pure Vitamin C Brightening Essence (20ml) | 日本 维生素C | E配方 去痘印 淡斑 美白精华

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Formulated with vitamin C and E
:: Lighten Acne Marks
:: Fight Dark Spots
:: Minimises Pores
:: Brighten skin
:: Improve dullness for even skintone
:: Reduce Melanin Production
:: Soothes redness
:: For all skin

:: Double vitamin formula
+ 100% pure Vitamin C - keeps the pure vitamin C inside from oxidising, locking in its full effects to lighten acne marks, fight dark spots and minimize pores.
+ Vitamin E - brighten skin, even out skin tone, and gives your complexion a healthy glow.

:: Gentle enough for sensitve skin
+ Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - soothes redness, calms irritated skin & restore suppleness.

:: Alpinia Seed Extract - an extract from ginger to brighten and even out skin tone.

:: 含有维生素 C 和 E
:: 淡化痘印
:: 对抗黑斑
:: 缩小毛孔
:: 提亮肤色
:: 改善肤色暗沉
:: 减少黑色素的产生
:: 舒缓泛红
:: 适合所有皮肤

:: 双维生素配方
+ 100% 纯维生素 C - 防止内部的纯维生素 C 氧化,锁定其全部功效,以淡化痘印、对抗黑斑和缩小毛孔。
+ 维生素 E - 提亮肤色,均匀肤色,让您的肤色焕发光彩。

:: 足够温和,适合敏感肌肤
+ 甘草酸二钾 - 舒缓发红,镇静受刺激的皮肤并恢复柔软度。

:: 山姜籽提取物 - 一种生姜提取物,可提亮和均匀肤色。

How To Use:
:: After washing your face, condition your skin with toner.
:: Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and apply it to the part you care about or the entire face.

*** For example, if you use 4 to 5 drops at a time once a day, you can use it for about 5 to 6 months.

:: 洗完脸后,用爽肤水调理肌肤。
:: 取适量于掌心,涂抹于您在意的部位或全脸。

*** 例如,如果您每天一次使用 4 至 5 滴,则可以使用大约 5 至 6 个月。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Rohto | MELANO CC
- Made in Japan
- 1ea x 20ml

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