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  • ROHTO V-Rohto Junior Eye Drops (13ml) For Children

Japan ROHTO V-Rohto Junior Eye Drops (13ml) For Children Kid | 日本 Rohto 儿童 眼药水 (15岁以下)

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Japan ROHTO V-Rohto Junior Eye Drops (13ml) For Children Kid | 日本 Rohto 儿童 眼药水 (15岁以下)

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Children only eye drops (less than 15 years old)
:: Contain Vitamin B12
:: Support for recovery of vision
:: Relieve eye fatigue, redness and itchiness
:: Cool Level is 0
:: Does not have a stinging sensation

:: Designed to treat tired eyes of children who are concentrating long hours on studying and active users of computers, computer games and smartphones.

:: Effects - Eye fatigue, conjunctival congestion, eye disease prevention (such as when dust or sweat gets into the eyes after swimming), itchy eyes, blurred eyes and etc.

:: Contain Vitamin B12 -  Improves ability to restore focus.

:: Vitamin B6 - Promotes metabolism.

:: Neostigmine methylsulfate - Acts directly on nerves to improved focus adjustment function.

:: Chondroitin sulfate ester sodium - Maintains cornea.

:: Free-angled nozzle
+ Making it easy to apply, even for children.
+ One-touch screw cap - Turn once to the left to open, once to the right to close. It’s simple and convenient.

:: 儿童专用眼药水(15 岁以下)
:: 含有维生素 B12
:: 支持视力恢复
:: 缓解眼睛疲劳、发红和发痒
:: 清凉等级为 0
:: 没有刺痛感

:: 专治疗长时间专注于学习、以及电脑、电脑游戏和智能手机用户的儿童的眼睛疲劳。

:: 功效 - 眼睛疲劳、结膜充血、预防眼病(如游泳后灰尘或汗水进入眼睛)、眼睛发痒、眼睛模糊等。

:: 含有维生素 B12 - 提高恢复注意力的能力。

:: 维生素 B6 - 促进新陈代谢。

:: 新斯的明甲基硫酸盐 - 直接作用于神经以改善焦点调节功能。

:: 硫酸软骨素酯钠 - 维护角膜。

:: 自由角度喷嘴
+ 容易使用,即使儿童也能轻松涂抹。
+ 一键式螺旋盖 - 向左转动一次打开,一次向右关闭。它简单方便。

How To Use:
:: Children under 15 (Elementary and Middle school students): 1-3 drops, 5-6 times daily.

*** Caution
1) If you want to use it for children, please use it under guidance and supervision of parents.
2)  Do not let the tip of the applicator touch any part of the eye as it can cause contamination.
3)  Do not use when wearing soft contact lenses.
4) Only for application to the eyes.

:: 15岁以下请每天滴1~3滴眼药水,每天5~6次。

*** 注意
1) 如要给儿童使用,请在家长的指导和监督下使用。
2) 不要让涂抹器的尖端接触眼睛的任何部位,因为这会导致污染。
3) 佩戴隐形眼镜时请勿使用。
4) 仅适用于眼睛。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Rohto | V-Rohto
- Made in Japan
- 1ea x 13ml

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