• SANTEN Sante FX Eye Drops _ FX Neo _ FX V+
  • SANTEN Sante FX Neo Eye Drops (12ml) Silver
  • SANTEN Sante FX V Plus Eye Drops (12ml) Gold

Japan SANTEN Sante FX Eye Drops | 2 Types | Sante FX Neo | Sante FX V Plus | 日本 Santen 参天 眼药水

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Japan SANTEN Sante FX Eye Drops | 2 Types | Sante FX Neo | Sante FX V Plus | 日本 Santen 参天 眼药水

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Promotes eye tissue metabolism
:: Relieve eye fatigue, redness and itchiness
:: Soothing the eyes
:: Cool Level is 5 or 5+
:: Cool and refreshing feeling
:: Two options

:: Efficacy
+ Tired eyes, conjunctival congestion, itchy eyes, prevention of eye disease (after swimming, when dust or sweat enters the eyes, etc.), ophthalmia due to light rays such as ultraviolet rays (e.g., snow blindness), bleary eyes (increase in eye mucus, etc.), blepharitis (soreness of eyelids), discomfort while wearing hard contact lenses

- Two options to choice -

:: Santen Sante FX Neo Eye Drops (Silver)
+ Cool Level is 5
+ Eye fatigue is caused when too much stress is placed on the eyes.
+ By facilitating tissue metabolism in tired eyes Sante FX NEO provides effective relief from symptoms such as tired eyes and red eyes.
+ In addition, these eye drops cause a strong refreshing and invigorating sensation to spread from the surface of the eyes.
+ If you want to refresh your eyes, this product will meet your need.

:: Santen Sante FX V Plus Eye Drops (Gold)
+ Cool Level is 5+
+ Rich in nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids and contains seven active ingredients.
+ Vitamin b6 is added and enhance effectiveness against relieves tired and red eyes by supplying nutrients and facilitating tissue metabolism.
+ In addition, Sante FX V+  refreshes your eyes with an invigorating sensation!
+ Sante FX V  is a rich in nutrients that gives soothing to your ever-working eyes.

:: 促进眼部组织代谢
:: 缓解眼睛疲劳、发红和发痒
:: 舒缓眼睛
:: 清凉等级为 5 或 5+
:: 清凉清爽的感觉
:: 两款选择

:: 功效
+ 预防眼疲劳、结膜充血、眼部瘙痒、眼科疾病(如游泳后灰尘、汗水 进入眼睛时等情况)、由紫外线等光线引起的眼部炎症(如雪白等) 视线模糊(结膜分泌物过多时等) 、眼睑炎(眼睑接触性皮炎)以及佩 戴硬性隐形眼镜时的不适感

- 两种选择 -

+ 如果您想提神醒脑,这款产品将满足您的需求。

:: Santen Sante FX Neo 滴眼液(银色)
+ 清凉等级为 5
+ 眼疲劳起因于眼睛负担过重
+ Sante FX NEO 通过促进疲劳眼睛的组织代谢,可有效缓解眼睛疲劳和红眼等症状。
+ 更以其强烈的清凉感,给您眼睛表面扩散出的清凉。
+ 想让眼睛重生!! 这款产品可满足您的需求。

:: Santen Sante FX V Plus 眼药水(金色)
+ 清凉等级为 5+
+ 含有维生素和氨基酸等营养成分,并配有丰富的7种有效成分
+ 添加维生素b6,给眼睛提供营养、促进组织新陈代谢,增强缓解疲劳和红眼的症状。
+ 此外,Sante FX V+ 让您的眼睛爽快、酷凉感!
+ Sante FX V 含有丰富的营养成分,可为您不断工作的眼睛提供舒缓。

How To Use:
:: Instill 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times daily.

:: 一次滴入 2 至 3 滴,每天 5 至 6 次。

*** Caution
1) If you overuse it, you may feel unusually dazzling or cause lead to red eyes.
2) If you want to use it for children, please use it under guidance and supervision of parents.
3)  Do not let the tip of the applicator touch any part of the eye as it can cause contamination.
4)  Do not use when wearing soft contact lenses.
5) Only for application to the eyes.

:: 15岁以下请每天滴1~3滴眼药水,每天5~6次。

*** 注意
1) 如果过度使用,有可能会感到异常的炫目或者反而导致眼部充血。
2) 如要给儿童使用,请在家长的指导和监督下使用。
3) 不要让涂抹器的尖端接触眼睛的任何部位,因为这会导致污染。
4) 佩戴隐形眼镜时请勿使用。
5) 仅适用于眼睛。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Santen | Sante
- Made in Japan
- 1ea x 12ml

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