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Japan WHITE CONC Body Gommage (180g) | Whitening Body Scrub | 日本 White Conc 全身嫩白磨砂膏 | 身体磨砂膏

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Japan WHITE CONC Body Gommage (180g) | Whitening Body Scrub | 日本 White Conc 全身嫩白磨砂膏 | 身体磨砂膏

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Won No.1 in Japan Cosme Awards
:: Inhibit melanin precipitation
:: Remove old dead skin cells
:: Deep clean
:: Whitening Skin
:: Moisturizing
:: Fresh Grapefruit Scent

:: It is a body scrub with exfoliating and whitening properties.

:: Moroccan white clay helps to soften cuticles and removes melanin deposits caused by old cuticles.

:: Vitamin C derivatives have antioxidant properties that can help the skin absorb subsequent whitening products and are also a good helper against melanin.

:: Plant extracts help balance and moisturize the skin.

:: The texture of the cream contains a lot of fine scrub particles that can produce rich foam when it meets water.

:: The foam produced can reduce the irritation of the scrub to the skin and at the same time remove the old cutin and dirt on the body.

:: You can smell a light grapefruit scent when you use it.

:: 荣获日本Cosme大赏第一名
:: 抑制黑色素沉淀
:: 去除老废角质
:: 深层清洁
:: 美白提亮
:: 保湿补水
:: 清新的柚子香味

:: 这是一款具有去角质和美白特性的身体磨砂膏。

:: 摩洛哥白泥有助于软化角质,并可以去除由旧角质引起的黑色素沉淀。

:: 维生素C衍生物具有抗氧化特性,可以帮助皮肤吸收后续的美白产品,也是对抗黑色素的好帮手。

:: 植物萃取物有助于平衡和滋润肌肤。

:: 乳霜的质地含有很多细小的磨砂颗粒,遇水后就能打出丰富的泡沫。

:: 打出的泡沫可以减少磨砂膏对皮肤的刺激,同时去除身体上的老旧角质和污垢。

:: 使用时可以闻到淡淡的柚子香味。

How To Use:
:: Use 1~2 times a week
1. After bathing, take an appropriate amount of scrub on the palm and add a small amount of water to create foam.
2. Apply the foam all over your body (you can apply more to areas with more old dead skin) and massage gently.
3. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

:: 每周使用1~2次
1. 沐浴后,取适量磨砂膏于掌心,并加入少量的水打出泡沫。
2. 再把泡沫涂满全身 (可以在老旧角质较多的地方多涂抹一些) 并轻轻按摩。
3. 最后,用温水冲洗干净即可。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : WHITE CONC
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 180g

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