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  • YUWA Pinky Body Super B-in (150 tablets)
  • YUWA Pinky Body Super B-in Diet Plus (150 tablets)


Japan YUWA Pinky Body Super B-in | Super B-in Diet Plus (150 Tablets) | Breast Enlargement | 日本 Yuwa 丰胸丸 | 升级丰胸体控丸

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Expiry Date: 2025/06

Japan YUWA Pinky Body Super B-in | Super B-in Diet Plus (150 Tablets) | Breast Enlargement | 日本 Yuwa 丰胸丸 | 升级丰胸体控丸

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: All-natural ingredients
:: No side effects
:: Breast enhancement
:: Menstrual regulation
:: Increase metabolism
:: Repair postpartum sagging breasts

:: Formulated with natural ingredients Kampo formula and Japanese technology, it provides women with the safest and healthiest breast enhancement food.

:: It can awaken the milk lobes and cells in the breast. So that the breast can be lifted again, thereby improving breast sagging.

:: Additionally, it helps boost collagen production to restore breast elasticity and improve skin texture.

:: Women with menstrual disorders can adjust the endocrine system to make the menstrual regularity return to normal after taking it.

:: Both Super B-in and Super B-in Diet Plus have similar effects, except that Super B-in Diet Plus has the effect of weight control.

:: Both products comply with the production requirements of the Japan Health Food Agency.
+ The Japanese government attaches great importance to national food safety issues.
+ Therefore, it will go through a very strict inspection before listing to ensure that the product is safe and has no side effects before it can be listed.
+ Everyone can take it with confidence.

:: Who is it for ?
+ People who are dissatisfied with the curve of the breast.
+ People who want to have bigger breasts.
+ People who want to keep their skin elastic.
+ People who have shrunk their breasts due to diet slimming.

:: 全天然成份
:: 无副作用
:: 丰胸美乳
:: 月经调节
:: 提高代谢
:: 修复产后乳房下垂

:: 采用天然成分"汉方配方"和日式科技配制而成,为女性提供最安全、最健康的丰胸美乳食品。

:: 它可以唤醒乳房内的乳叶及细胞,使乳房再次提升,从而改善乳房下垂。

:: 此外,它有助于促进胶原蛋白的生成,使乳房恢复弹性以及改善皮肤纹理。

:: 月经失调的女性在服用后,可以调理内分泌使月经规律恢复正常。

:: Super B-in 和 Super B-in Diet Plus 的功效都差不多,只是 Super B-in Diet Plus 具有控制体重的效果。

:: 两种产品都符合日本保健食品局的生产要求。
+ 日本政府非常重视国民的食品安全问题。
+ 因此在上市前都会经过非常严格的检验,确保产品安全和无副作用后才能上市
+ 大家可以安心服用。

:: 适用于以下人群?
+ 对胸部曲线不满意的人。
+ 想要胸部变大的人。
+ 想要保持肌肤弹性的人。
+ 因节食纤体而令胸部缩水的人。

How To Use:
:: 5 tablets per day. You can take it after breakfast or bedtime according to your preference.
+ You can take it with skim milk or soy milk for faster results.

:: 每天5粒。可以根据自己的喜好在早餐后或睡前服用。
+ 你可以搭配脱脂牛奶或豆浆送服,有助于加快效果。

*** Caution
1) Breast enhancement is a process. You need to take it for at least 25-50 days before you can feel the change in your body. Please don't be too impatient.
2) Early or late periods may occur when you first take them, but they will return to normal after 1~2 months, so you don't have to worry about it.
3) Stop taking during menstruation.
4) After stopping taking it, it will never rebound under normal circumstances. Unless there is a significant change in physical health (such as illness, overeating disorder, etc.)

*** 注意
1) 丰胸是一个过程,至少需要服用25-50天才能感觉到身体改变哦,请不要太过于心急。
2) 初次服用时,可能会出现月经提早或延迟的情况,但一两个月后就会恢复正常,因此你不必担心。
3) 月经期间请停止服用。
4) 停止服后,在正常的情况下绝对不会反弹。除非身体健康状况有重大改变 (如: 生病、过度饮食失调等)

Product Specifications:
- Brand : YUWA
- Made In Japan
- Super B-in (150 Tablets) | Super B-in Diet Plus (150 Tablets)

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