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JOAJOTA Energy Essence (2ml) | 韩国 Joajota 能量修护精华液 小灯泡精华 | Ladyskin 小灯泡

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Expiry Date:2024/06/22

JOAJOTA Energy Essence (2ml) | 韩国 Joajota 能量修护精华液 小灯泡精华 | Ladyskin 小灯泡

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Individual packing 2ml
:: Stronger the Skin Barrier
:: Brighten Skin
:: Lifting and Anti-wrinkle
:: Moisture and Smooth Skin

:: Main ingredient is coral algae
+ Rich in amino acids, natural minerals, etc.,
+ It can promote the synthesis of collagen and revitalize the skin's repair and protection energy.
+ It's make the skin more elastic and shiny.

:: Enriched with nicotinamide, it can even out skin tone.

:: Contains betaine and hyaluronic acid, it supplies enough water for your skin.

:: Carnosine for lifting and anti-wrinkle.

:: Lactobacillus to stabilize the skin

:: With various plant extracts, it makes skin look revitalized.

:: Texture is refreshing and good absorption.

:: 独立包装 2ml
:: 强化肌肤屏障
:: 提亮肤色
:: 紧致抗皱
:: 滋润光滑肌肤

:: 主要的成分是珊瑚藻
+ 蕴含丰富的氨基酸、天然矿物质等。
+ 能够促进胶原蛋白的合成、赋活肌肤的修护与防护能量。
+ 它可使肌肤更有弹性和光泽。

:: 富含烟酰胺,可以均匀肤色。

:: 含有甜菜碱和透明质酸,为您的皮肤提供足够的水分。

:: 含有肌肽可帮助提拉和抗皱脸部。

:: 乳酸菌稳定肌肤。

:: 含有多种植物提取物,令肌肤焕发活力。

:: 质地清爽,吸收好。

How To Use:
:: After cleansing and toner, take a piece of essence  and apply evenly on face or neck, pat it until absorbed. Then, continue to the next skin care steps.

:: 洁面和爽肤水后,取一片精华均匀涂抹于面部或颈部,轻拍至吸收。 然后,继续下一步的护肤步骤。

Product Specifications:
- Brand :  Joajota
- Made In Korea
- 2ml x 120pcs (1 Box)

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