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KLAVUU Phytoncide Mild Cleansing Foam (150ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物洗面奶

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Expiry Date: 2024/10

KLAVUU Phytoncide Mild Cleansing Foam (150ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物洗面奶

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
A hypoallergenic, mildly acidic foaming cleanser that cleanly removes impurities, moisturizes, and soothes the skin without tightness. A cleanser restores skin’s balance with its mild pH level.

:: Mildly-acidic formula and amino acid bubbles provide moisture care while cypress water to soothes the skin, cleanse the face without irritation.

:: A cleanser with pH value 5-6 leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

:: Naturally derived Adenosine helps fortify skin barrier to retain moisture without giving stripping feeling after cleansing.

:: Ingredients are safe and effective for the skin
+ Skin soothing.
+ Moisture replenishmen.
+ Moisture retention.
+ Natural amino acids.

:: Cypress water extract
+ Cypress water from the cypress trees of pristine Jeju soothes and protects fatigued skin with rich natural purifying agent phytoncide.
+ Effective for skin soothing.

:: Amino acid surfactant
+ Skin-friendly amino acids from coconut moisturize the skin without irritation.
+ Maintains its moisturizing effect long after facial cleansing.

:: Houttuynia cordata extract
+ Helps to retain healthy skin with moisturizing and soothing care for skin that is sensitive to external factors.

:: Panthenol
+ Vitamin B5 forms a moisture barrier on the skin and boost vitality.

:: Dermatologically tested.
+ Skin effects proven through clinical trials.
+ Skin low-irritation testing complete.

:: Free from parabens, mineral oil and silicon.

:: Texture
+ Creamy and moist texture just like fresh cream.

:: Who need
+ Those who need moisture care while cleansing.
+ Those who are looking for a comfortable cleansing for the skin.
+ Those who need soothing for sensitive skin.

KLAVUU Phytoncide Mild Cleansing Foam (150ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物洗面奶

:: 弱酸性配方和氨基酸泡沫能够提供滋润护理,而来自济州岛柏树水的镇静作用则能够在不刺激皮肤的情况下进行面部清洁。

:: pH值为5-6的洁面乳能让肌肤感到清爽。

:: 天然腺苷有助于加强皮肤屏障,使皮肤在洁面后保持水润,不会感到过度干燥。

:: 成分对肌肤安全有效
+ 舒缓肌肤。
+ 补水保湿。
+ 保持湿润。
+ 天然氨基酸。

:: 柏树水提取物
+ 来自济州岛柏树的柏树水含有丰富的天然净化物质,能够镇静疲惫肌肤并提供保护。
+ 对于舒缓肌肤非常有效。

:: 氨基酸表面活性剂
+ 来自椰子的肌肤友好型氨基酸能够滋润肌肤而不刺激。
+ 洁面后的保湿效果能够持续较长时间。

:: 鱼腥草提取物
+ 帮助保持健康肌肤,为对外界因素敏感的肌肤提供滋润和舒缓护理。

:: 泛醇
+ 维生素B5在肌肤上形成一层水分屏障,提升肌肤活力。

:: 经过皮肤科医生测试。
+ 临床试验证明对肌肤有益。
+ 完成了低刺激性测试。

:: 不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、矿物油和硅。

:: 质地
+ 像新鲜奶油一样的乳霜质地,水润滋润。

:: 适用对象
+ 需要在洁面时保湿护理的人群。
+ 寻求舒适洁面的人群。
+ 对敏感肌肤需要舒缓的人群。

 How To Use:
1. Removes makeup with a dedicated remover.
2. Take an appropriate amount of phytoncide cleansing foam on your hands, lather into rich foam, and gently massage your face while washing.
3. To enjoy a fresh and clean day, use the product when washing your face in the morning.

Do you have a sensitive scalp? Use it once when washing your hair as a substitute for shampoo. You will experience a more comfortable scalp and softer hair.

1. 使用专用卸妆产品卸除妆容。
2. 取适量洗脸霜于手心,揉搓成丰富泡沫,轻柔地按摩脸部清洗。
3. 每天早晨洗脸时使用此产品,让您拥有清新洁净的一天。


 Product Specifications:
- Brand : KLAVUU
- Made In Korea
- 150ml

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