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KOBAYASHI Medicine Feminina Ointment (15g) 日本 女士用私处阴部 红肿杀菌 湿疹止痒抗炎 软膏

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KOBAYASHI Medicine Feminina Ointment (15g) 日本 女士用私处阴部 红肿杀菌 湿疹止痒抗炎 软膏

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Treats itching, swelling in sensitive areas
:: Contains no added hormones
:: Safe, effective, and gentle on the skin
:: Can be used multiple times, not greasy
:: Suitable for use on intimate areas and other sensitive parts of the body
:: Made by Japanese brand

:: Relieves genital itching, kills bacteria and reduces inflammation

:: Safe, fast-acting, and gentle on the skin

:: Can be used for itching, swelling, insect bites, skin inflammation, wind rash, prickly heat, and frostbite in sensitive areas of the body

:: Contains no added hormones

:: Suitable for use during menstrual periods when inexplicable lumps or itching may occur, and can be used without limitation. It is not sticky and is a popular female intimate care product in Japan

:: Suitable for itching and swelling in sensitive areas such as the intimate areas

:: Can be used for the following conditions:
+ Redness and itching caused by menstrual products
+ Skin itching caused by fibrous products such as underwear or pantyhose
+ Itching caused by intimate areas secretions or around the intimate areas
+ Skin itching caused by sweating
+ Other skin itching and swelling

:: 用于治疗敏感区域的瘙痒、肿胀
:: 不含任何激素
:: 安全、有效、对皮肤温和
:: 可多次使用,不油腻
:: 适用于私密区域和身体其他敏感部位
:: 由日本品牌制造

:: 私处止痒护理药 杀菌 抗炎

:: 安全速效,温和低刺激

::  可以用在阴部等身体敏感部位搔痒、红肿、虫咬、皮肤炎、风症块、痱子、冻伤

:: 不含任何激素

:: 经期的时候莫名其妙起疙瘩,瘙痒都很适用,关键是用着放心

:: 无使用次数限制,不黏腻,是日本普及度很高的女性使用的私处商品

:: 适用于私处等身体部位的骚痒,红肿

:: 如下情况可使用
+ 因生理用品刺激皮肤引起的红、痒等
+ 因内衣、丝袜等纤维制品引起的皮肤瘙痒
+ 阴部分泌物引起的瘙痒及下体周围瘙痒等
+ 出汗引起的皮肤痒
+ 其他皮肤痒、红肿

How To Use:
:: Apply to the affected area several times a day. This product is a non-hormones ointment that is safe to use and is hydrophilic, not sticky.

** Precautions
1. If there is no relief after 4-6 days of use, suspend use and consult a physician.
2. For external use only, do not use with other medications.
3. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

:: 一日数次在患部涂抹即可 。本品为非激素药膏,请放心使用,本品为亲水性,不粘稠。

** 注意事项
1. 如果使用4-6天没有缓解见效,请暂停使用并咨询医师。
2. 只用于外用涂抹,不可与其他药剂同时使用。
3. 阴凉处保存,并放于小孩无法碰触的地方。

Product Specifications:
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 15g

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