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LINDSAY Amazing Multi Ampoule (500ml) | 3 Types | 韩国 Lindsay 安瓶精华水

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Expiry Date:
Moisture 2024/08
AC Contorl 2024/08
Revitalizing 2024/08

LINDSAY Amazing Multi Ampoule (500ml) | 3 Types | 韩国 Lindsay 安瓶精华水

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Large capacity 500ml bottle
:: Gentle ingredients sourced from nature
:: EWG green grade
:: No chemical preservatives
:: Safe to use even for sensitive skin

:: A large-capacity 500ml ampoule filled with mild ingredients obtained from nature and sensitive skin can be use with confidence too.

:: EWG Green Grade
+ Use it with confidence even for sensitive skin!

:: No chemical preservatives
+ We use dehydroacetic acid, called DHA, is a mild preservative of natural origin used in baby and pregnant women's cosmetics and natural cosmetics.

:: A variety function of options
+ Use it to treat your varying skin conditions.

- Three Options -

:: Moisture
+ Ceramide strengthens skin barrier between cells and stratum corneum to maintain moisture.
+ Panthenol absorbs quickly to moisturize and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier.
+ Hyaluronic acid enhances skin's hydration.
+ Aloe vera leaf extract lowers skin temperature, hydrates, and maintains long-lasting moisture.
+ Spirulina contains abundant vitamins and minerals, soothes skin, and enhances moisture.
+ Centella asiatica soothes inflammation, promotes skin regeneration, and stabilizes skin condition.

:: AC Control
+ Eggplant extract cares for problem skin, regulates sebum, and removes dead skin cells.
+ Centella asiatica repairs damaged skin and helps with regeneration.
+ Tea tree extract has excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, calming problem skin.
+ Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and calming effects, with excellent pore-purifying effects.
+ Lactic acid bacteria fermentation filtrate soothes skin problems and improves skin immunity.

:: Revitalizing
+ Yeast fermentation filtrate (miracle water) is rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids, and refines skin texture.
+ Bifida yeast (little brown bottle) soothes sensitive skin due to external stimuli and strengthens the moisturizing barrier.
+ Pearl extract contains essential amino acids for skin nourishment and radiance.
+ Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) enhances skin's antioxidant capacity, making skin bright and radiant.
+ Niacinamide breaks down melanin, improves skin dryness, and restores skin elasticity.
+ Adenosine strengthens the skin's natural regenerative ability and improves aging lines.

:: 大容量 500ml 安瓶
:: 取自于大自然的温和成分
:: EWG 绿色等级
:: 不含化学防腐剂
:: 敏感肌肤也可以放心使用
:: 大容量 500ml 安瓶,取自于大自然的温和成分,敏感肌肤也可以放心使用。

:: EWG 绿色等级
+ 敏感肌肤也可以放心使用!

:: 不含化学防腐剂
+ 我们使用脱氢乙酸,称为 DHA,是一种天然来源的温和防腐剂,用于婴儿和孕妇化妆品和天然化妆品。

:: 多种功效选择
+ 可使用在您不同的肌肤状况。

- 三种选择 -

:: Moisture 保湿
+ 神经醯胺 在角质与细胞之间 强化肌肤屏障 保持肌肤水润。
+ D泛醇 快速吸收 保湿锁水 强化肌肤保湿屏障。
+ 玻尿酸 提高肌肤保湿力。
+ 芦荟叶萃取 降低肌肤温度 补水 维持长效保湿。
+ 螺旋藻 含有丰沛维他命与矿物质 镇静肌肤 提高保湿力。
+ 积雪草 镇静抗炎 促进肌肤再生 稳定肤况。

:: AC Control 控油
+ 茄子提取物 护理问题肌肤 调理皮脂 汰换角质。
+ 积雪草 修护受损肌肤 帮助肌肤汰换再生。
+ 茶树萃取物 优秀抗炎舒缓效果 镇静问题肌肤。
+ 金缕梅 消炎镇静 卓越毛孔净化效果。
+ 乳酸菌发酵过滤液 镇静肌肤问题 提高肌肤免疫力。

::  Revitalizing 营养
+ 酵母发酵滤液(神仙水) 富含维他命 矿物质 有机酸 细致肌肤纹理。
+ Bifida酵母(小棕瓶) 舒缓肌肤因外来刺激敏感 强化保湿屏障。
+ 珍珠提取物 含有肌肤必须胺基酸 滋养光采。
+ 抗坏血酸(维他命C) 提高肌肤抗氧化力 使肌肤透亮有光泽。
+ 烟醯胺 分解黑色素 改善皮肤干燥 恢复皮肤弹力。
+ 腺苷 强化肌肤自生能力 改善肌肤老化纹路。

How To Use:
:: Can be used instead of water when mixing with modeling mask powder, or as a general hydrating toner or ampoule.

:: 可代替水加入软膜粉使用,或作为一般保湿化妆水或者安瓶使用。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : LINDSAY
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 500ml (Moisture | AC Contorl | Revitalizing )

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