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LINDSAY Modeling Mask Pack Powder (1Kg) | 韩国 Lindsay 软膜 大包装

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LINDSAY Modeling Mask Pack Powder (1Kg) | 韩国 Lindsay 软膜 大包装

AmzBeauty96‘s Share with You:
:: Convenient at-home facial treatments
:: Treating various skin concerns
:: Korea's No.1 Beauty store, Olive Young's popular product

:: Uses only high-quality American diatomite
+ Which has excellent moisture retention and absorbs various wastes and dead skin cells.
+ Natural raw materials passed the U.S. EWG safety certification.

:: Modeling Mask Pack Powder 
+ Has excellent function of skin relaxation and moisturizing, soothing, vitalizing, etc.
+ It penetrates the skin with abundant active ingredients, allow nutrients to be completely absorbed by the skin.
+ Has a soothing effect by lowering the skin temperature.

Different Modeling Mask Pack Powder for various skin types of users !!

+ Pore Care, Sebum Care, Oil-water Balance.
+ Charcoal provides a deep-cleansing solution.
+ Oily skin management, charcoal acts as oil magnet for the pores.

:: COOL(tea-tree)
+ Cooling, Soothing, Pore Care.
+ Its hydrating and cooling sensation fills up skin with moisture addressing dryness and makes skin soft and pore more delicated.

+ Trouble Skin, Oil-water Balance, Skin Vitality.
+ It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects keep the skin healthy and clean.
+ Prevents clogged pores, and moisturize rough skin.

+ Radiance, Nutrition
+ Pearl powder and niacinamide not only enhances the moisturizing and soothing of the skin, but leaves the skin nutrition rich and glowing skin look.

+ Brightening, Elasticity, Moisturizing.
+ Contains Vitamin C for dull skin.
+ Preventing collagen degradation and promoting collagen to increases the skin elasticity.

:: 简易的家庭面部护理
:: 治疗各种皮肤问题
:: 韩国第一美妆店 Olive Young 的人气商品

:: 只使用高品质的美国硅藻土
+ 具有优异的保湿性,可吸收各种脏物和死皮细胞。
+ 天然原料通过美国EWG 安全认证。

:: Modeling Mask Pack Powder 软膜
+ 具有极佳的放松肌肤和保湿、舒缓、活肤等功能。
+ 以丰富的活性成分渗透肌肤,让营养完全被肌肤吸收。
+ 降低肌肤温度具有舒缓作用。

:: 木炭
+ 毛孔护理、皮脂护理、油水平衡。
+ 木炭提供深层清洁解决方案。
+ 油性皮肤管理,木炭是毛孔的油磁铁,吸附皮脂。

:: 清凉(茶树)
+ 清凉、舒缓、毛孔护理。
+ 它有保湿和清凉感,为肌肤补充水分,同时解决干燥肌肤问题,使肌肤柔软,毛孔更细腻。

:: 薰衣草
+ 肌肤问题、油水平衡、皮肤活力。
+ 它具有抗菌、抗炎和伤口愈合作用,保持肌肤健康和无瑕疵。
+ 防止毛孔堵塞,滋润粗糙的皮肤。

:: 珍珠
+ 光彩、营养
+ 珍珠粉和烟酰胺不仅能增强肌肤的保湿和舒缓作用,还能让肌肤营养丰富,焕发光彩。

:: 维生素
+ 亮白、弹力、保湿。
+ 含有维生素 C,适合暗沉肌肤。
+ 防止胶原蛋白降解,促进胶原蛋白增加即发弹性。

How To Use:
1. Pour 1 cup of powder and 1 cup of water into a rubber bowl and mix them well using a spatula.
2. Use a spatula to apply the mixture evenly onto your skin, starting with the wider areas.  
3. After 15-20 minutes of rest, gently peel off the modeling mask from bottom to top. Remove any residue with warm water or a facial sponge.
4. Apply moisturizer to prevent moisture loss.

1. 在橡胶碗中倒入1杯粉末和1杯水,用抹刀充分混合。
2. 使用抹刀将混合物均匀涂抹在皮肤上,从较宽的区域开始涂抹。
3. 休息15-20分钟后,从底部向上轻轻撕下软膜。请用温水或面部海绵轻轻清除任何剩余的残留物。
4. 涂抹保湿霜以防止水分流失。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Lindsay
- Made In Korea
- 1pack x 1kg

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