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  • PAPA RECIPE Bombee Rose 24K Gold Honey Mask (25g)
  • PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Mask (25g)
  • PAPA RECIPE Bombee Pore Ampoule Mask (25g)
  • PAPA RECIPE Bombee Black Honey Mask (25g)

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Sheet Mask (25g) 1 Sheet | 韩国 春雨蜂蜜系列面膜

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Expiry Date: All is 2023

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Sheet Mask (25g) 1 Sheet | 韩国 春雨蜂蜜系列面膜

AmzBeauty96‘s Share with You:
:: All the Bombee Mask Pack Line with propolis and honey ingredients
:: Delivers moisture and nutrients
:: Soothing effect
:: Mild and safe

:: Honey & Propolis Extract
+ Rich in antioxidant factors, deep nourishment, long-lasting moisture retention.

:: Satisfaction survey after one week of use Papa Recipe Mask
+ The skin is moist and soft。
+ The skin is bright and shiny
+ The skin is comfortable and calm
+ The roughness of the skin has improved a lot

:: Use it to treat your varying skin conditions
+ Bombee Rose 24K Gold Honey - For Dull Skin and Elasticity.
+ Bombee Pore Ampoule Honey - For Pore Care and Sebum Care.
+ Bombee Honey - For Intensive Hydration and Soothing.
+ Bombee Black Hoeny - For Deep Cleaning and Moisture.

:: 所有春雨Bombee 蜂蜜系列面膜都含有蜂胶和蜂蜜成分
:: 提供水分和营养
:: 舒缓效果
:: 温和安全

:: 蜂蜜&蜂胶提取物
+ 富含抗氧化因子,深层滋养,长效锁水。

:: 使用春雨面膜一周后的满意度调查
+ 肌肤湿润柔软。
+ 肌肤明亮有光泽。
+ 肌肤舒适和舒缓。
+ 肌肤的粗糙感改善了很多。

: 用它来治疗您不同的皮肤状况
+ 春雨玫瑰24K黄金蜂蜜 - 适合暗沉肌肤和弹力。
+ 春雨乳糖酸蜂蜜 - 用于毛孔和皮脂护理。
+ 春雨蜂蜜面膜 - 强效保湿和舒缓。
+ 春雨黑蜂胶面膜 - 深层清洁和保湿。

How To Use:
:: After wiping your face with a skin toner, apply the mask all over your face. Peel it off after 20-30 minutes and softly pat the remaining essence on your skin. 

:: 用爽肤水擦脸后,将面膜全脸涂抹。20-30 分钟后将其撕下,将剩余的精华轻轻拍打涂抹在肌肤上。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Papa Recipe
- Made In Korea
- 1 sheet x 25g

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