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RIRE Blemish White Stick (12g) | 韩国 RIRE 祛斑祛痘提亮棒

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Expiry Date: 2023/09

RIRE Blemish White Stick (12g) | 韩国 RIRE 祛斑祛痘提亮棒

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Brighten uneven skin tone
:: Reduce pigmentation
:: Reduce acne scars
:: Protective moisture barrier for the skin

:: The product aims to address issues related to melanin production, which can result in pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

:: In addition to reducing pigmentation and acne scars, the product also claims to brighten overall skin tone for a more radiant complexion.

:: The product contains three types of hyaluronic acid , which is a popular skincare ingredient known to provide a protective moisture barrier for the skin.

:: The convenience of the stick format also makes it easy to use regularly and incorporate into a daily skincare routine.

:: The stick format is designed to be easy to use and mess-free, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

:: 提亮肤色
:: 减少色斑
:: 减少痘疤
:: 为肌肤形成保护性水分屏障

:: 该产品旨在解决黑色素产生引起的色素沉淀和肤色不均的问题。

:: 除了减少色素沉淀和痘疤,该产品还声称能提亮整体肤色,让肌肤更加明亮。

:: 该产品含有三种透明质酸,这是一种受欢迎的护肤成分,被认为可以为皮肤提供保护性的水分屏障。

:: 棒状设计的便利性使得它易于经常使用和融入日常护肤程序中。

:: 棒状设计易于使用且不会弄脏,适合在外出时使用。

How To Use:
1. Twist out an appropriate amount of product and apply evenly to the entire face.
2. Carefully apply in circular motions to areas of the skin with issues such as pigmentation, blemishes, and dullness.

1) 扭出适当份量的内容物 均匀地涂抹于全脸
2) 仔细地打圈涂抹在色斑 瑕疵 暗沉等皮肤问题部位

Product Specifications:
- Brand : RIRE
- Made In Korea
- 12g

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