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SO NATURAL Make Up Setting Fixx (75ml) | 2 Types | 韩国 So.Natural 定妆喷雾

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SO NATURAL Make Up Setting Fixx (75ml) | 2 Types | 韩国 So.Natural 定妆喷雾

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Mild and refreshing
:: Enhances makeup setting effect
:: Long-lasting makeup
:: Versatile in use
:: Very convenient and practical

:: Ranked as the top setting spray by a comprehensive evaluation from consumers and blind test program "Get it Beauty", beauty website "Glow Pick", and professional beauty magazine "Beauty+", and also known for its "finest mist" among setting sprays.

:: The mist particles are doubly fine and gentle, refreshing and non-greasy, improving the setting effect of makeup before and after application, without causing powder fallout or smudging, closely adhering to the makeup and creating a flawless look, even for eye makeup, maintaining a perfect makeup look all day and making the skin radiant.

:: With just one bottle, it not only has a setting effect, but can also be used before applying makeup to enhance moisturizing and create a smooth base, and used for touch-ups to make the makeup adhere better. The lightweight bottle can also be sprayed lightly anytime to hydrate and moisturize the skin, creating a glowing complexion and making the makeup last longer without smudging.

- Two Options -
+ It is Moisturizing Setting Spray, with a light and refreshing scent and a fine mist, adds moisture to dry skin, making it look brighter. It also helps to balance the skin, providing long-lasting and dry skin hydration while keeping your makeup.
+ Contains lemon, tea tree, and centella asiatica extracts, providing essential nutrients to the skin while also creating a moisturizing film to soothe, control oil, prevent sweat and smudging, avoiding a powdered or oily look, and making your makeup last longer.

+ With natural oil-controlling minerals, this spray is specially designed for oily skin, creating a "iron wall" film agent that is stronger than ordinary sprays. It can refine pores and effectively delay oil production, allowing for perfect and long-lasting makeup.
+ This refreshing and transparent oil-controlling mist minimizes the glow, presenting a perfect matte finish and creating a flawless, porcelain-like complexion. It also emits a light and fresh powder scent, creating a fresh and clean makeup look.

:: 温和清爽
:: 提高彩妆定妆效果
:: 持久不脱妆
:: 多种用途
:: 非常方便实用

:: 获得韩国权威盲测节目《Get it Beauty》、美妆网站《Glow Pick》、专业美妆杂志《Beauty+》 消费者与专家综合评选为定妆喷雾的第一名宝座,而且有「最细致喷雾」之称。

:: 喷雾粒子加倍细致温和,清爽不油腻,提高彩妆前后的定妆效果,不浮粉、不晕染,紧密贴和妆容,连眼妆都完美无暇,一整天维持完美妆容的状态,使肌肤散发闪亮光彩。

::  一瓶搞定,不仅具有定妆功效,还可在妆前使用加强保湿打底、补妆使用让妆容更服贴,轻巧瓶身更能随时轻喷可为肌肤补水保湿,打造发光美肌,让妆容更持久服贴不脱妆。

- 两种选择 -

+ ALL DAY TIGHT 补水定妆喷雾,淡淡清新香气加上细致喷雾,为干燥的肌肤补充水分,使肌肤看起来更明亮,同时帮助调节肌肤平衡,令妆容更持久干爽之余更可滋润肌肤。
+ 添加柠檬、茶树与积雪草提取物,提供肌肤所需养分,定妆和补妆的同时为妆容形成保湿膜,镇静、控油、防汗及防晕,避免净粉/变成油脸,使妆容更持久贴服。

+ 内含天然控油矿物质,专为冒油肌肤设计的“铁壁膜剂”,比一般的喷雾更加强化固定力,可以使毛孔变得细緻并同时有效延缓出油时间,像刚化妆时的那样完美定型。
+ 清爽通透控油喷雾,最大化的减少喷雾持有的光,呈现出一种完美的哑光雾面妆感,更能创造陶瓷肌般无瑕妆容,同时散发淡淡的清新粉香、无异味,缔造清爽妆容。

 How To Use:

1. Shake gently before use. Spray the mist 20-30cm away from the face before or after applying makeup, and close your eyes while spraying it onto the entire face.

2. Before applying makeup:
+ After completing your basic facial skincare routine, use the mist to enhance the adherence of your primer and make your subsequent makeup application smoother. It can also be used as a moisturizing mist to hydrate the skin.

3. During makeup application:
+ Use a makeup sponge with the mist to apply foundation for a more natural, lightweight and long-lasting finish. Spray the mist on an eyeshadow brush before applying the eyeshadow to achieve a more intense, long-lasting and adherent color.

4. After completing your makeup:
+ Spray the mist evenly over your entire face to set your makeup and make it last longer. It also helps to keep your eye makeup and eyebrow makeup and prevent smudging, giving you a fresh and non-greasy look throughout the day.

5. When touching up your makeup:
+ First use a tissue to remove any sweat and excess oil on your face. Then spray a layer of mist and wait for it to dry naturally before applying makeup again. Spray another layer of mist to help your makeup look as fresh and natural as when you first applied it, and to ensure that it adheres well and lasts longer.

1) 使用前轻轻摇匀,妆前/妆后离脸部20至30公分处,闭上双眼后喷洒于全脸。

2) 化妆前 :
+ 面部基础护理后,使用喷雾提升隔离产品的服帖度,使后续的彩妆更好上妆,减少补妆次数。同时适合在化妆前拿来急救,当作保湿喷雾使用帮肌肤补充水份。

3) 化妆中 :
+ 用喷雾喷湿美妆蛋拍开粉底液,可以让底妆更加薄透持久服贴。同时用喷雾喷湿眼影刷再沾取眼影,这样刷出的颜色不仅更饱和显色,也能增加服贴、持久性。

4) 化妆后 :
+ 当整个妆容都完成后,定妆喷雾均匀喷上全脸,不仅可以使底妆持久服贴,也能帮助眼妆、眉毛等重点部位更持妆、不易掉色,打造清爽不黏腻的妆感一整天。

5) 补妆时 :

Product Specifications:
- Brand : SO NATURAL
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 75ml (All Day | Matte)

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