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VELLA Neck Cream Ultimate Age Killer (50ml) 升级版 Vella 第4代提拉紧致颈霜

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VELLA Neck Cream Ultimate Age Killer (50ml) 升级版 Vella 第4代提拉紧致颈霜

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Diminishes neck wrinkles
:: Tightens contours
:: Repairs and whitens skin
:: Moisturizes and nourishes

:: New upgrade with added 8 peptides, collagen

:: Neck skin is thinner and has less sebum secretion than the face, making it prone to wrinkles and fine lines

:: Helps reduce neck wrinkles, tighten contours, improve skin tone, and provide moisture and nutrition to dry and tired neck skin

:: Safe and non-irritating formula without preservatives, mineral oil, surfactants, or fragrances

::  Fourth-generation formula with doubled concentration of snake venom and bee venom to effectively eliminate wrinkles

:: Diminish neck lines
+ Helps the neck regain elasticity and reduce wrinkles

:: Lift and firm
+ Tightens contours, improves loose skin on the neck

:: Repair and whiten 
+ Improves uneven skin tone, makes the neck skin delicate and fair

:: Moisturize and nourish
+ Supplies nutrients to the neck, makes the skin smoother and firmer

:: Brighten and soften skin
+ Eliminates "black neck," reduces melanin formation

:: 减少颈部皱纹
:: 收紧轮廓
:: 修复和美白皮肤
:: 保湿和滋养

:: 新升级添加了8种肽和胶原蛋白

:: 颈部皮肤比脸部更薄,皮脂分泌也较少,因此容易出现皱纹和细纹

:: 有助于减少颈部皱纹,紧致轮廓,改善肤色,并为干燥疲惫的颈部皮肤提供水分和营养

:: 安全无刺激配方,不含防腐剂、矿物油、表面活性剂或香料

:: 第四代配方的蛇毒和蜂毒浓度翻倍,有效消除皱纹

:: 淡化颈纹
+ 帮助颈部恢复弹性,减轻皱纹

:: 提拉紧致
+ 紧致轮廓,改善颈部松弛肌肤

:: 修护白皙
+ 改善肤色不均匀,让颈部肌肤娇嫩

:: 保湿滋润
+ 给颈部补充营养,使肌肤更光滑紧致

:: 亮白嫩肤
+ 消灭黑脖子,减少黑色素形成 

How To Use:
1. Take a coin-sized amount and gently apply it from bottom to top.
2. Slightly lift the head, use your fingers to push from the collarbone upwards, 10 times on each side.
3. Use your thumb and forefinger to focus on pushing upward on the neck wrinkles, don't push too hard, about 15 times.
4. It is recommended to use it in the morning and evening, with massage techniques. Keep using it for a period of time and the effect will be good.

1. 取硬币大小的量 由下往上轻轻推开
2. 头部微抬,用手指由锁骨起往上推,左右手各10次
3. 利用拇指和食指,在颈纹形成处重点向上推,别太用力,约15次
4. 建议早晚均使,搭配按摩手法,坚持一段时间,效果会不错哟 (^^)

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Vella
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 50ml

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